Process Development

CresTechnologies understands that your company has some of the best engineers and scientists with unparalleled experience with your products. However, in these modern times they are focused on present production needs to meet your ever demanding customer. With these demands requiring full time attention, your company process development projects may be slow moving. This is the time you need CresTechnologies.
CresTechnologies' process development capabilities have helped many companies maintain their marketing edge by assisting, supplementing, managing, or assuming full responsibility of the development project. Our capabilities include:

Flow-sheet for liquid concentration line

• Process modeling
• Pilot plant testing
• Product testing
• Small batch production
• Process Optimization
• Contract Manufacturing

When CresTechnologies assists you in your process development program, the projects progress smoothly and seamlessly each step of the way. When one Client wanted to implement a liquid concentrate line to enhance their vitamin supplement product mix; CresT conceived the production line through our process modeling services and then pilot tested its feasibility through our pilot testing service. After those phases were successfully completed, CresT prepared small batches for distribution to our Client’s customers. After that, we provided temporary contract manufacturing to build demand while the plant was engineered and built through our engineering and construction services.


Bench-scale liquid concentrate line

Indirectly heated laboratory calciner

  When a United States federal agency needed research data for high temperature neutralization of radioactive material; they turned to CresTechnologies. Our indirectly heated high temperature calciner can heat treat powders to 2100oF under special atmospheres and contained conditions. The data was analyzed and CresTechnologies modeled the results to show scalability to a production level. Through our engineering services, we prepared an economic and feasibility report on the design and cost of a production facility.

And our capabilities continue with our other systems. We also model, test, engineer and supply:

• Rotary Dryers
• Flash Dryers
• Fluid Bed Processors
• Spray Dryers
• Indirect and Direct Coolers
• Agglomerators

Pilot size spray dryer
We are a full service organization bringing our skills to meet your production floor needs.

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